Dee Hsu: I want to be known as more than a host

The 41-year-old broke down when questioned about her 'achievements' in showbiz


Taiwanese host Dee Hsu and her older sister, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, as well as their celebrity pals, Taiwanese singer Mavis Fan and Taiwanese actress Aya Liu, recently came together to film a reality show titled We Are Real Friends. On a recent episode, Taiwanese singer Shin dropped by for a quick visit.

As Dee has always been close to Shin, Dee sat down for a heart-to-heart talk with him during his visit. The 41-year-old shared that she felt as if the public has already labelled her as a ‘host' and that no matter what she does, she’ll never be able to escape from that particular label. 

Though the quick-witted Dee is most known for her work as a television host, having co-hosted the popular variety show Here Comes Kangxi alongside Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai for 12 years, she has also dabbled in the fields of acting and singing.

“Do you know that when a person is not recognised for their talents, that particular feeling can cause them to feel extremely helpless,” Dee confessed.

However, upon hearing Dee’s words, Shin replied, “Have you truly done anything to allow the public to view you as someone other than a host? How much have you done?” He then went on to share that he felt as if Dee had approached her other showbiz endeavours frivolously. “[If you continue to do things like this], then you’ll never be able to achieve [what you want],” he ended.


Upon hearing Shin’s words, Dee couldn’t help but to tear up, and she started crying. Barbie and Mavis, who were by her side, rushed to comfort Dee. 

Dee also later acknowledged that it was indeed hard to make it big as a singer, especially since she was known as a “comedian”. “No matter what I do, everyone thinks that I’m just making a joke,” she confessed.

After the episode aired, Dee took to social media to explain that Shin, who’s known for his singing prowess, has always been blunt with his words. However, she will not give up, and will continue striving to develop her career further. She also emphasised that she treats every project seriously.

“Regardless of whether I’m promoting as a host, a singer, or an actress, I will continue to work hard to achieve the public’s affirmation,” she promised.

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