Dee Hsu has expressed her displeasure at the backlash faced by her good friend, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, after the latter was accused of being a blabbermouth for commenting on Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s divorce before it was confirmed.

“She has been unjustly blamed; I feel so angry on her behalf,” the Taiwanese host exclaimed during a public appearance in Taipei yesterday (Sep 18). “She really isn’t someone with a big mouth!”

According to Dee, Christine has been greatly affected by netizens’ hostility, and is now very paranoid with what she plans to share online. “Even a simple video of her dancing with friends worries her - she would ask, ‘Will I be scolded or attacked if I post this?’”

“Christine isn’t someone who likes to get into arguments with people, and she is also afraid that the more she talks, the more trouble she will cause,” she continued. “I’ve told her that she needs to toughen up!”

Dee also shared her suspicion that there might have been someone who deliberately let Christine take the fall for this whole thing. “I’ve known Christine for 20 years, and she isn’t the type who would make unnecessary comments without any reason - think about it, there must have been someone who asked her for a statement, and because no one else was saying anything at that time, she was branded a big mouth.”

Photos: TPG, Instagram/Christine Fan

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