Dee Hsu admits to undergoing face slimming treatments

The actress-host declared that it was an “agonising” experience

dee hsu

Dee Hsu has always been known for her straight-talking ways, which have sometimes landed her in hot soup. The mother-of-three, who celebrated her 40th birthday in June, has managed to maintain an enviable figure throughout the years, and has occasionally been questioned about her secrets by fellow mothers.

She finally came clean with that through a Facebook post made yesterday (December 5), in which she wrote, “I always see my own flaws (such as) my lacrimal groove, my eye bags, and the areas where I think I’m not skinny enough! I ended up going for Botox and hyaluronic acid injections but ended up looking like a zombie!”

Musing that her daughters have never been able to see the flaws that she herself assumes she has, and that they “love me the same”, Dee asked if there is anyone who loves her “because of my outer appearances”.

“Humans always look for useless things to bother themselves with! I want to be truly free and not just with my words. I want to be happy and not just be pretending (to be happy). I want to be beautiful, but in a natural way,” she continued. “I went through this agonising experience before I went to Italy, and I looked like a zombie the entire time (I was there).”

She ended her post by telling herself “Don’t do crazy things again, Dee Hsu!”

In response, her mother personally commented on the post with, “You destroyed the work of your own mother. You deserve a beating!”

The hilarious reaction was not missed by netizens, many of whom quipped that it’s clear where Dee and her older sister, Barbie Hsu, inherited their wry sense of humour from.

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