DAY6 reveals the ‘Gravity’ that pulls them back to making music

The Korean group also shared why they’ve stopped telling themselves to do a good job during their performances

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Korean group DAY6 is no stranger to Singapore - although their last fan meeting was almost three years ago. The group held their first solo concert on October 5 at the Star Theatre, where they brought the house down with their infectious energy (seriously, we felt our joints creaking as we watched them bound around the stage with their endless source of strength).

The day before the show, we were fortunate enough to  spend a good 30 minutes with the group, though the quintet spent almost half the time talking amongst themselves, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to butt in even as the cameras continued rolling.

Case in point: When playing the game ‘Never Have I Ever’ with the group, leader Sungjin’s single statement of ‘Never have I ever gone skydiving’ sent the other four members into a tizzy, where they talked about the possible locations for them to go skydiving in future, along with the other thrill seeking activities they’d like to try. 

Not that we’re complaining, however, because it felt like we were somehow a part of their day-to-day conversation, as they quickly jumped from topic to topic as the interview went on.

One thing that got them sitting up straight and thinking extra hard, however, was when the topic of music came up.

In line with the name of their current world tour, Gravity, we asked the group about the gravity that continues to pull them back to making music.

Among the responses we got was Young K explaining that the existence of their fans, collectively known as My Day, is what motivates them because of how much they enjoy their music.

“The fact that we can make a performance where we can gravitate towards one another is the kind of culture that we have behind our concerts in general. The gravity that pulls us towards one another to give energy back and forth,” Jae added.

Dowoon chimed in, sharing that this positive energy is what makes them want to release even more music as soon as possible for their fans. Aww.

With the group’s popularity growing day by day, they shared that they’ve also found a pre-concert ritual to help them relieve the stress of going on stage.

Before they take the stage for any performance, the group huddles together and says this: “We don't have to do great. We’re just going to have a lot of fun.”

This surprising cheer piqued our curiosity, as we wondered out loud why they decided to give up what many other Korean groups would aim for: a perfect concert every time.

“It makes us nervous if we walk onto the stage with the mindset that we have to do a great job,” Sungjin explained. “That’s why we decided that we should take the pressure off ourselves and tell ourselves that we’ll put on a fun performance instead.”

Wise words indeed.

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Clockwise from top left: Wonpil, Jae, Sungjin, Dowoon, Young K

The group also left behind presents for their Singapore fans in the form of autographed boards which will be given to winners of our contest.

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