David Tao welcomes first child

The first-time dad confessed that he was “shocked” by his son’s cries


David Tao is now a father! The 49-year-old Taiwanese singer and his non-celebrity wife Penny welcomed their first child on Wednesday (February 13).

According to David’s manager, Penny started feeling discomfort in her stomach on the eve of Lunar New Year (February 4). As a result, she was warded in the hospital for further observation. As David did not wish to alarm their friends and family, the singer spent the entire Lunar New Year holiday by Penny’s side at the hospital, until she gave birth.

Yesterday (February 14), he uploaded a picture of him hugging his son, nicknamed ‘Bonbon’. David shared that his feelings of excitement had yet to subside, and that things still don't feel quite real for him. The singer also thanked his wife for her sacrifice, and shared that now, Penny can finally get a good night’s rest.

Bonbon, who was born on February 13, is believed to weigh about 3 kilogrammes and is in the pink of health. David, who was by Penny’s side in the delivery room, recalled that he was shocked by Bonbon’s loud cries.

“With such a voice, he should be very good at singing in the future,” he quipped.

David and Penny tied the knot four years ago, in 2014.

Photos: PBE Media

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