David Tao treats fans to upcoming party

The singer is celebrating his 20th anniversary in the music industry

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Taiwanese singer David Tao recently announced that he was planning to give his fans complimentary tickets to his upcoming ‘7306th & 1stDay party’ in celebration of his 20th anniversary in the music industry . He said that he was going to pay for their tickets and that it would be his gift to them.

“I am ashamed that you guys have been supporting me for so long, and I have not done much [for you], so the least I could do is to repay you. I hope that these tickets will show my appreciation to you guys. Thank you everyone for sticking by me these 20 years, I am very thankful,” David said.

The celebration will cost David around NT$7 million (approximately S$310,000) and the 48-year-old even had to make a trip to Hong Kong for his costume fitting. The singer said that he was working with Chinese designer Daniel Wong and a photographer named Dennis to create a new look and that “it has been many years since I had a photoshoot.”

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Aside from sharing his music with his fans, David also plans to perform his new song, ‘I love you’ as well as share the meaning behind it. He also promised to continue to create music and produce new songs.

The singer released his first album, David Tao on Dec 6 in 1997 and has been dubbed the king of R&B with his many successful classical tunes. However, he has never had an intimate gathering with his fans despite being in the industry for so long, and therefore, decided to invite his fans to this celebration.

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