David Tao’s wife posts about adopted children

David Tao’s wife announced the news of her four adopted children on Instagram, avoiding rumours about David Tao’s “new love”, Carina Chen

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To date, Taiwanese actor-singer David Tao’s wife Penny Jiang still hasn’t explicitly responded to rumours claiming that he has a “new love” (actress Carina Chen, who acted in erotic drama film 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy).

However, she posted a suspicious photo of four foreign children on Instagram on Saturday with the caption: “Here are our four new children.”

After curious netizens asked if the children were recently adopted, Penny responded to their comments: “Yes, that’s right. They are our new adopted children.”


Although her Instagram post was supposedly meant to show that she was unaffected by the rumours, netizens speculated that she is still hiding something because she deleted her Facebook account and set her Instagram as a private account yesterday morning.

Last week, David made headlines for getting into a car with Carina while he was drunk from hanging out with friends at a bar. However, the latter has since clarified that they are “just friends” and explained that David was just sending her home.

Carina also posted on Facebook last Friday, “I don’t want to waste time on people who just want to have sex with me,” and that same afternoon posted, “To those who believe me, I don’t have anything to explain. To those who don’t, I don’t see a need to explain!”

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