David Tao denies cheating allegations after being spotted with mystery woman

The singer was previously embroiled in a cheating scandal in 2015

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Four years after David Tao admitted to cheating on his wife Penny, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter has found himself embroiled in yet another cheating scandal.

The rumours sparked after photos showing the 50-year-old sending a mystery woman home in the middle of the night emerged earlier this week.

David was spotted out with three females one night, and his driver ferried them from place to place as they visited various establishments, including a karaoke parlour together.

After the night of fun, David was seen getting onto his car with only one of the said females. They drove to a housing area in the Zhongxiao East area, where he then helped her down from the car. After disembarking, the duo exchanged words before she went upstairs. David then went home on his own.

Following the release of the reports and photos, netizens wondered if he was cheating again. The speculation was so rife that David has since responded to the allegations, clarifying that he was just meeting up with his friends.

In a statement issued by his manager, he shared that Penny, who is 16 years his junior, knew about the gathering, but was not present as she was home looking after their son. His manager added that David was merely sending a friend home, and that both David and Penny laughed at how ridiculous the rumours were after they found out about it.

David and Penny tied the knot in August 2014 and welcomed their son, nicknamed Bonbon, in February.

Photos: PBE Media

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