David Tao counts down to arrival of first son ‘BonBon’

‘BonBon’ is expected to make an appearance in early March

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Soon-to-be first-time father David Tao can’t wait for his son, nicknamed ‘BonBon’, to arrive in the Year of the Pig. His wife, Penny, is reported to be due in early March this year.

The couple, who have been married for five years, took the opportunity to commemorate her pregnancy journey with a family portrait which was also distributed as their family’s Chinese New Year greeting card.

In the picture, Penny wore a festive red maxi dress while David had one hand over her belly and the other playing an imaginary guitar. The expectant couple also wished friends and family a “fulfilling” year in 2019.

David’s manager revealed that the pregnancy and arrival of a brand new family member is a “big deal” to them. The manager added that Penny’s condition is still “ok” and although her stomach has gotten bigger, she eats well and is happy.

The 49-year-old’s manager also revealed that David bonds with his son by talking to the baby and shared that he called him ‘BonBon’ because it means ‘sweet’ in French. As his wife is in her final trimester, David also tries his best to make it as comfortable as possible for her, said the manager, adding, “If his wife wants to eat the moon, he’ll get it for her!”

Prep work for David’s new album is 80 percent done and while he stays home most of the time these days to accompany Penny, he writes songs whenever he is free. David’s manager estimates that his new album will drop shortly after the arrival of ‘BonBon’.

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