David Beckham To Buy $12mil Island For His Wife

And other ostentatious celeb gifts.

To mark the 20th anniversary of meeting his wife, Victoria, David Beckham is reportedly splashing £7mil (S$12mil) on a private island tucked within the Caribbean. The 250-acre (that's the size of 94 soccer fields!) Bird Cay in the South Berry Islands, Nassau, is only accessible by boat and boasts a luxury mansion, a guest house and five small cottages for the Beckhams’ staff. It also has extra space for the retired football star to build his own personal golf course. Wait, isn't it supposed to be a gift for his wife? Nevertheless, whether or not Becks really does spend it like Beckham and buy the island, we'll find out in due time.

extravagant gifts kim kardashian and kanye west
Credit: TPG and Kevin Mazur/WireImage
When it comes to extravagant gifts, how can the Kardashians (with their notorious spending habits) be excluded? Kim Kardashian proudly sported a 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz ring at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards which was a gift from her hubby Kanye West. The whopper allegedly set the rapper back an estimated US$10mil (S$14mil) and boasts an emerald-cut centre Type IIa stone — the purest type of diamond. It also happens to be the ring that she got robbed of in the Paris Hotel Heist last October, which has since been reunited with her. Too much flaunting, perhaps?

extravagant gifts beyonce jay z
Credit: TPG and Devonair
Why buy cars or watches when you can buy jets? In 2012, Beyoncé gave Jay Z a US$40mil (S$56mil) private jet on his first Father’s Day. The plane can be fit up to 15 people, and comes with a cream leather living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms for the jet-setting couple. Talk about travelling in style. 

extravagant gifts angelina jolie and brad pitt
Credit: TPG and Google Maps
Prior to their big split, Angeline Jolie had bought a £12.2mil (S$22mil) heart-shaped island for then-husband Brad Pitt's 50th birthday in 2013. Located some 50 miles away from New York City, the secluded Petra Island houses two sprawling properties that were designed by Pitt’s favourite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The island’s main house, built from one of Wright’s blueprints in 2008, boasts panoramic views of the island’s surroundings though we think none of them saw their divorce coming. 

extravagant gifts aaron kwok moka fang
Credit: Toggle/PBE Media
Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok recently shelled out HK$30mil (S$5.39mil) on a mansion in Shanghai’s affluent Xintiandi district for his wife, model Moka Fang.  The house was reportedly a pre-wedding gift from the Heavenly King to his Shanghai-based wife.

extravagant gifts jennifer aniston
Credit: The Sun and Chanel
That’s what friends are for! For Jennifer Aniston’s 39th birthday, Courteney Cox had gifted her Friends co-star and real-life bestie a US$12,000 (S$17,000) Chanel bicycle. Featuring eight speeds, the bike also features a quilted leather Chanel seat and a saddlebag emblazoned with the iconic logo so she’ll be cruising past paparazzi in high-fashion. 

extravagant gifts pace wu
Credit: TPG and PBE Media
Earlier this year, Taiwanese actress Pace Wu splurged on a pair of 50-metre long crystal dragons that cost $1bil RMB (S$200mil) for the opening of a hotel that the mother of her billionaire fiancé, Ji Xiao Bo, invested in. Weighing over 18,000 kilos  and covered in gold scales and two and a half million Swarovski crystals, the art piece now hangs on the ceiling an eight-star resort hotel in Saipan, an island in the Northern Mariana Islands. 

extravagant gifts jlo and ben affleck
Credit: Closer Weekly and Design Limited Edition
Bling for the world’s most expensive bum? JLo reportedly  refuses to use any toilet unless it’s fitted with her special toilet seat. And by special, we mean the US$105,000 (S$146,000) jewel-encrusted toilet seat that has diamonds, rubies and sapphires set inside a plastic casing which ex fiancé, Ben Affleck, gifted her back in 2004.

extravagant gifts katy perry and russell brand
Credit: Mail Online and Virgin Galactic
In 2014, Katy Perry bought forex-beau Russell Brand tickets to the Virgin Galatic Mission. The tix, each costing US$100,000 (S$140,000) would have allowed them to travel 111 kilometres into the atmosphere, view Earth from space and float weightlessly for five minutes before heading back to land. Pity the couple never embarked on the trip.


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