Dating rumours escalate after Yang Mi, Wei Daxun spotted at same hotel

Could this really be pure coincidence?

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Netizens are convinced that Chinese actors Yang Mi and Wei Daxun are dating, especially after the pair was spotted wearing what is believed to be the same cap.

Today (Dec 10), a report published by Chinese newspapers have added even more fuel to the fire, with photos of the duo entering the same Shanghai hotel and spending the night there.

According to reports, Yang Mi returned to the Primus Hotel Shanghai after filming for her upcoming drama, Thank You Doctor, ended for the day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until a man wearing the previously-mentioned cap strode into the same hotel a few hours later.

Upon closer inspection, it was Daxun, who was in town for the 2019 COSMO Beauty Awards. The report then went on to share that the event was held at the Shangri La hotel, which is situated at the Jing’an District, which is far away from the Primus Hotel Shanghai. They added it was unlikely that the organisers arranged for him to stay at a hotel which was an hour’s drive away from the venue.

Daxun was also unaccompanied by any staff member, despite his manager being with him during the awards earlier in the day.

After entering the hotel, he only reemerged the next morning wearing a mask, and hung around the hotel for a couple of minutes before his driver came to pick him up.

This report has caused a new round of speculations, with netizens unable to come up with a reasonable explanation of why he was at the hotel. “These two can deny it all they want, but if the evidence keeps piling up like that, it’s just too much to call it a coincidence,” one netizen wrote. Another added, “At this point, we know that they’re dating. We’re just waiting for them to come clean with it.”

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