Dating rumours between Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao gain traction

Hong Yao accidentally uploaded a selfie which they took together


Chinese actress Wu Jinyan and Chinese actor Hong Yao first got to know each other on the set of the hit period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace. Soon after filming wrapped for the drama, the duo found themselves working alongside each other once again for the drama Standardized Queen.

In late February, reports claiming that the duo had gotten closer to each other while filming Standardized Queen, and were in a relationship emerged. Jinyan and Hong Yao were also spotted together in Bali, Indonesia.

Though Jinyan had indirectly denied the reports by reposting a meme with the words, “I am not, I did not,” Hong Yao’s latest Weibo post had netizens guessing that the duo are indeed in a relationship after all.


On Wednesday (April 10), Hong Yao posted three selfies in the morning. However, the selfies were accompanied by a fourth photo, which featured a very special guest, Jinyan.

The picture, which appeared to be taken in the backseat of a car, has Jinyan gazing up to Hong Yao with a smile on her face, her head resting on his shoulder. Hong Yao, who was taking the picture, can be seen turning to look at Jinyan.

After 23 minutes, Hong Yao appeared to have realised that he had accidentally uploaded a fourth photo, and swiftly deleted his post.


Chinese screenwriter Yu Zheng, who produced and created Story of Yanxi Palace, and founded the management agency that both Hong Yao and Wu Jinyan are under, later uploaded a post to explain the selfie.

In his post, he shared that the selfie was taken to promote Standardized Queen, and Hong Yao had saved it in his drafts on Weibo. However, he did not expect the draft to be “automatically posted”.

After a few hours, Yu Zheng posted again, writing, “Actors are often like a family, as close as siblings. Actors under me also act like that whenever they work together, there’s really no need to make a mountain out of a molehill”, attaching a number of pictures to confirm that the selfie was indeed just to promote Standardized Queen.

Photos: PBE Media

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