Darren Wang slammed for drunken tirade

The ‘Our Times’ actor reportedly asked the media to call the police on him

darren wang

Taiwanese actor Darren Wang, best known for his role in coming-of-age movie Our Times, has been blasted after going on a drunken tirade after a night of fun. He reportedly went to a bar with friends, where fellow actors Wang Bo-Chieh and Joseph Chang, along with musician Shin, were also spotted.

Darren was seen drinking with his friends, even going outside to smoke with his female companions. However, he is said to have stopped interacting with them after he spotted paparazzi waiting for him outside.

After a night of drinking, he sent the said female companions home before he headed home in taxis with his friends. However, he ended up at a dead end, and alighted from the cab and walked.

Taiwanese model Joe Cheng, along with Bo-Chieh, who were in the same car as Darren, left first, leaving the intoxicated actor on his own. He then reportedly knocked on a reporter’s car window to ask for a ride. The reporter complied, and Darren got on and asked for the reporter’s phone number as he “wanted to make friends”.

While talking to the reporter, Darren took away the reporter’s phone and video camera and tried to delete its contents. When asked to return them, he then shouted, “No, I won’t return (them). Hit me! Call the police!”

The reporter then claimed that he got his equipment back, but not before Darren declared, “It’s fine even if you had called the police” and ran off.

This episode has caused netizens to debate about Darren’s actions, with some saying they were justified as the reporter had been following Darren during his personal time, while others said that there was no reason for him to try to take possession of items that were not his own, and that he should take particular care of his actions, especially since he is a public figure.

Photos: PBE Media

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