Darren Wang has an unusual promise to fulfil if his new movie Fall in Love at First Kiss surpasses HKD 20 million (about S$3.4 million) at the Hong Kong box office.

"I will put on women's clothing and dance to Jolin Tsai's 'Dancing Diva'," he stated at the Hong Kong premiere of the film on February 26, which he attended with director Chen Yu Shan.

The Taiwanese actor admitted that he was hesitant to take on the role of a smart student at first, as he felt he was not suitable for it. "But the director told me that as an actor, I cannot keep putting limitations on myself, and I can't play rebellious characters like Hsu Tai Yu (from Our Times) my whole life," he shared. "So I decided to give it a try."

When asked what it was like working with screen goddess Christy Chung, Darren said he's been a fan ever since he was a boy, so he was very happy to be able to work with her.

Yu Shan then revealed an amusing anecdote involving Darren and Christy that happened before filming commenced. "We were having a meal together, and I had never seen Darren so shy before!" she laughed. "So I made Christy feed him a piece of sushi and filmed it. Darren's been pestering me for that clip ever since."

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