Darren Wang and director Chen Yu Shan promoted their new film Fall in Love at First Kiss in Hong Kong on February 28, where fans had the chance to get up close and personal with the Taiwanese heartthrob.

While Darren had no trouble posing expertly for photos with fans, he hesitated when asked to show his love to the audience in three different ways. "To be honest, I'm too shy to play games like that," he admitted. "Plus, it feels weird to do that at my age!"

Yu Shan revealed that when she and Darren were filming their hit 2015 film Our Times, they got into a disagreement over one of his character's crying scenes. "We were rushing for time and he suddenly told me that he couldn't cry, so I became frustrated with him," she recalled. "However, we eventually completed the scene and didn't talk about the issue anymore." She also clarified that she wasn't deliberately giving Darren the cold shoulder after that, as she was simply too busy with other things.

She then added that the incident somehow helped to develop more chemistry between them, and there were no more of such arguments on the set of Fall in Love at First Kiss.

When asked if she would cast Darren as her male lead again in her next drama, Darren answered on her behalf and quipped, "No, people might think she has trouble finding other lead actors!" Instead, Yu Shan shared that Darren has expressed interest in becoming her assistant director so he can learn more about behind-the-scenes production work. "I won't show up in front of her camera," he said.