Darren Wang cancels press conference in Korea

The actor denied that the cancellation was due to his friendship with Seungri


Taiwanese actor Darren Wang has always been very well-received in South Korea, thanks to his starring role in the 2015 hit movie Our Times. 

With his latest movie, Fall in Love at First Kiss, scheduled to open in South Korean theatres this Wednesday (March 27), the actor was set to embark on a press tour to promote the film in the country. A press conference was originally scheduled for last Friday (March 22), however, on the day of the press conference itself, reporters were notified that it had been cancelled due to “internal issues”.

Netizens then began speculating that the reason behind the cancellation was due to Darren’s friendship with embattled K-pop star Seungri, who is facing a bevy of criminal charges. The duo has often been photographed in clubs together in Taipei and Seoul.

However, Darren’s team responded later that day, sharing that the press conference was cancelled because the actor’s schedule was too packed. They also revealed that the press conference venue was not adequately prepared for the event, which was why it was called off.

They shared that the reason for the cancellation was definitely not due to “the fear of unexpected questions”. In order to make it up to everyone, they requested for the fan meeting that was scheduled to be held on the same day to be lengthened, so that Darren could meet with more fans, as well as share his thoughts on the movie.


Darren himself also shared a statement through his management agency.

“We were notified that the sales for the fan meeting had exceeded expectations. All the tickets were sold out, I believe over 8,500 tickets were sold. As there was not enough time, the media session had to be cancelled,” the statement read. He also clarified that if he were truly afraid of being asked about the issue, he wouldn’t even be in Korea.

“We were invited to be here, and are going along with the organiser’s wishes,” he concluded.

Additionally, Darren’s management agency has also clarified that he is in no way connected to the Burning Sun case

“Mr. Darren Wang has no connections to Korean artiste Seungri’s case. We are strongly against and condemn all the unlawful deeds that are connected to this case,” the statement read.

Photos: PBE Media

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