Hong Kong singer Daniel Chan held an intimate fan meeting session in Hong Kong on January 5, where he got up close and personal with many of his supporters.

Because Daniel's work has been bringing him to China more often lately, it had been a while since he got to see his Hong Kong fans. "And it just so happens that today is a fan's birthday, so this doubles up as a private birthday celebration as well!" he said.

Daniel then shared that he's been diligently working on his fitness, which left him with stiff neck muscles. However, he emphasised that he has no plans to show off his body on stage. "You can't take off your clothes while singing love songs!" he laughed.

To his fans' delight, Daniel revealed that he will be spending more time in Hong Kong for a while, even though it means being away from his two daughters. Speaking of his two girls, Daniel laughed at the fact that fans only gave him one doll to give to his daughters.

"They will definitely fight over it! As long as it is a doll or a toy, they will fight over it," he said. "Right now, they are still too young to be taught that fighting over toys is a bad thing. I think they just love fighting!"

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