Aisa Senda finally fulfilled her longtime dream of having her wedding pictures taken at her hometown in Okinawa, Japan yesterday.

The Da Mouth singer married Taiwanese actor Zhou Ming Fu in an intimate wedding ceremony held at the Chapel at Eines Villa De Nozze Okinawa (a.k.a. Chapel of Five Senses); and the celebration was attended by close to 50 guests, including family and Taiwanese showbiz pals such as Sunny Wang, June Tsai, Lee Yi, GiGi and Vincent Liang.

Prior to her wedding ceremony in the afternoon, the 35-year-old had her pictures taken at the glass chapel. A private dinner party, which was rounded off with a fireworks show, was held at the villas later that night.

According to reports, Asia’s grandmother and Japanese family members specially wore kimonos, Japan’s traditional clothing, to the wedding. The elderly lady was said to have been overwhelmed with emotions when she saw her granddaughter donning a wedding dress and gave Aisa and Ming Fu her blessings.

During the dinner, Aisa thanked her parents for always being there for her. “Thank you for always listening to my problems; for being my strongest support system. I won’t be returning to Okinawa as often and I’m sorry if you feel lonely because of that. I promise to be even more filial towards you, please continue to rely on me,” she said.

Aisa also thanked her husband’s mother, whom she called “a humourous and cute mother-in-law,” for “accepting” her into the family.

The groom, on the other hand, gave his speech in Japanese which he spent a month practising and learning. He often had to rely on a tiny note he held in his hand for help, much to the amusement of the guests present.

Aisa and Ming Fu registered their marriage in Taiwan in April last year.

Photos: PBE Media

Da Mouth’s Aisa reveals wedding photos 

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