Cyndi Wang, Rainie Yang have a chance reunion

The two singers happened to be on the same flight from France to Taiwan


Taiwanese singers Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang have always been great friends. The duo made their showbiz debut within two years of each other, with Rainie starting off as a member of the Taiwanese girl group, 4 In Love, in 2001. Three years later, in 2003, Cyndi made her debut as a solo singer.

Cyndi soon gained the nickname of “Sweetie Teacher”, due to her saccharine sweet looks and image. Meanwhile, Rainie became known as “Cutie Teacher”, with her cute antics and hosting style. 

Though the duo rarely have the chance to work together professionally, they soon became good friends, often meeting up with each other.

Recently, Cyndi posted a picture together with Rainie on a plane. In her caption, she revealed that the duo had happened to be on the same flight back from France to Taiwan.

“(While) on the way back, (I) met my dear Rainie Yang on the plane,” Cyndi wrote in her caption.

In the picture, the duo pose with similar expressions, with their fresh-faced looks reminding fans of their “Sweetie Teacher” and “Cutie Teacher” nicknames. “This sister duo is just too cute,” a fan commented, while another called it “Sweetie Teacher and Cutie Teacher’s great reunion”.

Photos: PBE Media

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