Cyndi Wang, who was recently the subject of plastic surgery rumours due to her swollen face at an event last week, attended a press conference for the 2019 Hito Music Awards in Taipei on April 2.

She claimed that her change in appearance was due to a weight gain of 2 or 3 kilogrammes, most of which had gone to her face. "I don't care about what netizens may say about me - I'm used to it," she said.

The Taiwanese singer then shared that she is busy preparing for her upcoming concert tour, which will kick off in Chengdu, China on June 29. "I've been working out in order to lose the 3 kilogrammes that I've gained," she said.

Wilber Pan, on the other hand, has been rewarding himself with good food after his own concert tour recently came to an end. "I've been eating a lot of things like popcorn, burritos, chips, and cold noodles," he said.

The Taiwanese singer also shared that he recently went to watch the film Us. "It was horrifying," he said. "Thankfully there was a couple sitting in front of me or I would have really freaked out!"

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