Cui Yongyuan threatens to expose Fan Bingbing's other 'yin-yang contracts'

Whistle-blower behind the actress’s tax evasion saga hints at more to come


It looks like Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has yet to escape from the clutches of the tax evasion scandal that has plagued her for the past few months. 

Television host Cui Yongyuan, who originally split the beans about Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal took to his Weibo account on Monday, alleging that there was more to the story. He claimed that he still has a number of ‘yin-yang contracts’ that the actress has not declared, “including one that is worth a huge amount of money”. 

He then ended his post by calling for Bingbing’s team to quit posting fluff pieces about her to clean up her image, threatening to reveal these “undeclared contracts” if his request was not met.

Once the post went online, it created great waves online, with netizens commenting, “Bingbing’s going to lose sleep over this again”. Some also called for Yongyuan to reveal the contracts, commenting, “Evil must be eradicated”.

In May this year, the television host posted a picture of a ‘yin-yang contract’ that was signed by Bingbing, in an attempt to evade taxes. Following his exposé, Bingbing disappeared from the public’s eye for three months, as Chinese authorities investigated the offence

In that period, a plethora of rumours filled the air, with Bingbing said to have been put under house arrest. In October this year, she released an official apology on Weibo, and was slapped with a S$95m fine for her actions, bringing an end to her disappearance from the spotlight.

Photos: PBE Media

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