A Boy Named Flora A was the biggest winner at the 53rd Golden Bell Awards, held on Saturday (October 6), with four awards to its name. The drama bagged the Best Television Series, Best Actor in a Television Series, Best Newcomer in a Television Series, and the Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series awards.

Taiwanese singer-turned-actor Crowd Lu, who won both the Best Actor in a Television Series and Best Newcomer in a Television Series awards for his role in A Boy Named Flora A, recounted how his grandfather had often told him, “You're ugly, but cute,” when he was younger. 

“If I can still get awards even while looking like this, then you must definitely persevere on and achieve your dreams,” he said. Crowd shared that he hopes that his acting win, which comes 10 years after he first made his debut as a singer, can help to encourage those like him, who may not be the best-looking, but are still working hard to pursue their dreams.

Off-stage, the 33-year-old said, “I was bullied because of my looks when I was younger, so I’ve never really had much self-confidence. But, now, I've found a look that works for me, one that I like. Though I may not be exceedingly handsome, but I can still sing and perform comfortably.”

Best Leading Actress in a Television Series winner, Chinese actress Huang Pei Jia’s award acceptance speech on-stage was brief, with the 30-year-old sharing backstage that her mind had gone blank. 

Pei Jia shared that there were many times when she had felt like giving, especially when she went without acting work for up to half a year at a time. However, she continued on doing what she liked, which was acting, and finally, her efforts paid off.

Taiwanese-American singer-actor Peter Ho took home the Best Director award for his debut directorial effort, Age of Rebellion as well.

Photos: PBE Media 

Star-studded 53rd Golden Bell Awards red carpet

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