Taiwanese singer Crowd Lu attended a charity activity sponsored by the Down Syndrome Foundation in Taipei on August 7.

Sharing his thoughts on the Ellen Joyce Loo who recently passed away after a high-rise fall, he said, "Life is so uncertain. Lala Hsu announced she is getting married and Ellen lost her life on the same day. It's very important to cherish the people around you."

He then shared that the last time he met Ellen was at the Hualien Summer Carnival. "She played the guitar so well and I told her she can write many songs with her guitar," he said. "I never expected that only one year later, she would leave us."

He continued, "I know many people are suffering from depression, and that it can be very painful. I have had that experience as well. But no matter what, please cherish your life and trust your friends. Do not keep everything to yourself. Many things can help you, like having a good sleep or listening to music. When I was in a bad mood, I attended a lot of charity activities and drew strength from helping others."

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