Could Gao Yuanyuan finally be expecting?

There have been several false reports of her conceiving since she married Mark Chao in 2014

gao yuanyuan pregnant

Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan has been in the headlines numerous times after she tied the knot in 2014 with fellow actor Mark Chao, with most of the articles proclaiming that she was pregnant. The couple has denied rumours numerous times, but the speculation never truly went away.

This time around, a new wave of rumours emerged after a source claiming to be an industry insider updated his WeChat with, “I have reliable news – congratulations to Gao Yuanyuan!” Upon seeing his update, his friends sought to clarify the ambiguous post, asking, “Is she expecting?” and was later confirmed by the source himself.

After the news was released, netizens sent messages of congratulations to the couple, but there were also others who were wary of the unverified information.

They claimed that Mark and Yuanyuan recently climbed the Great Wall of China together, and that it doesn’t seem like something that a mother-to-be would do. In addition, they pointed out that Yuanyuan is currently in the midst of preparing for a new movie and that it would be “impossible” for her to be pregnant at this point in time.

In return, some netizens pointed out that Angelababy was pregnant while she was filming drama General and I.

Although the debate has been gaining traction on the online community, Yuanyuan and Mark have maintained their silence and have not confirmed nor denied the rumours at press time.

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