Vernon A, 46, and his wife, influencer/marketing manager Jayne Tham, 28, couldn't have chosen a better day to announce that they're expecting a little bundle of joy - on their fourth wedding anniversary last week. The soon-to-be parents will be welcoming their child to the family in January. It's their first child together and the Class 95 jock's second (he has a 15-year-old son from a previous marriage). We caught up with Vernon, who's currently on vacation with the three-month-pregnant Jayne in Japan, to find out more about the happy news.

8 DAYS: Congrats to you and Jayne! What are your thoughts on being a dad again at 45?
Vernon A:
I’m super excited even though it’s going to be my second child. My son Ethan is already 15 so it’s been awhile since I’ve taken care of an infant. But I’m ready for the challenge. If I can deal with a giant baby (co-Mutton Justin Ang) every morning I think I can handle this. [Being a dad at 45 feels the] same as being a father at 31. In fact I think I have more energy now for some strange reason (laughs). But seriously I don’t think it matters. [It's] just that we really wanna start a family together.

You and Jayne have been married for four years. Did you two plan for this?
Yes we did. We decided it was about time for the family to grow.

Do you think you're more prepared this time round?
I suppose I am because firstly I’m much older and more well informed. [We also have a] friends support group  who are amazing. I know every child is different but parenting is pretty much the same. I’m proud of how my son Ethan has turned out, even though I nag him to death, so I guess Jayne and myself will be okay as parents. We hope!

Any idea if it’s a boy or a girl
No idea yet, but I don’t mind either. We both love children and we’re not traditional so there’s no preference. We’re just extremely happy that we’ll be receiving a bundle of joy soon.

Have you started any special preparations, like getting cots or painting the baby's room?
(Laughs). No, not yet! It’s still very early but Jayne being the excited mum has been looking at all the baby things like cots, strollers, clothes, basically everything baby lah. Our close friends who are recent parents have been dishing out tips on what to expect and what to buy so I guess we’ve got it covered.

Your 15-year-old son looks a lot like you. So should we be expecting a another mini-Vernon?
If it’s a girl, I hope she looks like Jayne because I don’t think I’d be a good-looking girl (chuckles). 

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