Concerns raised after Tang Wei’s revelation that she fell sick 4 times while filming new drama

Netizens questioned if it was a case of the production house pushing their cast and crew too hard.


The discussion on celebs working for excessively long hours became a much-debated topic last month when the late actor Godfrey Gao passed away after reportedly filming for 17 hours non-stop.

This week, the topic resurfaced after Chinese actress Tang Wei revealed that she fell sick four times while filming the period drama Empress of the Ming. The drama debuted on December 17, and consists of 62 45-minute episodes. Principal photography took place over seven months.

Tang Wei has been praised for her amazing acting chops, but an interview that she did with Chinese media to promote the series has had many concerned about the working hours that actors have to endure.

The 40-year-old let on that she had taken ill multiple times while filming the show, and that one bout of illness was so serious that she had a 39.9 degree Celsius fever. She rushed to the hospital to receive treatment, and thankfully recovered after a few days.

Netizens voiced their concern, sharing that Tang Wei, who is considered an A-lister, would be overworked to the point where she keeps falling ill. They then questioned how rookie actors are treated, sharing that they feel that production houses should be more transparent with how they work.

She also shared that she thinks of herself as a regular woman since getting married and becoming a mother, and that she hopes to take care of her health so that she will be able to look after her family better.

Tang Wei tied the knot with Korean film director Kim Tae-yong in 2014 and gave birth to a daughter named Summer two years later.

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