Concerns about Jacqueline Wong's mental health raised

The actress has reportedly not left her house in days after her cheating scandal hit the news


Following the eruption of a cheating scandal involving Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui and Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong, all eyes have been on the actress, with many laying the blame onto the 30-year-old.

In the video showing the duo getting intimate with each other in a taxi, Jacqueline is perceived to have taken the initiative, leaning over to kiss Andy several times and caressed his thigh.

Since then, although the parties involved have apologised for their actions, with their respective partners forgiving them, the media flurry have not stopped.

Reports have emerged claiming that Jacqueline has a history of cheating, and that her “true target” was the CEO of Andy’s management agency.

A neighbour also claimed to have seen two different men enter Jacqueline’s apartment at night since the actress started dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma. 


TVB executive Virginia Lok has also stepped forward to address the media on behalf of Jacqueline, providing an update on her condition. Sharing that the actress is currently “emotionally unstable”, she added that it was Jacqueline’s decision to temporarily stop all her activities. 

“We are all worried about her,” she concluded. “This is something that none of us wanted to happen. (They’ve) already admitted to their wrongdoings, and have been forgiven. As long as those directly involved have come to a consensus, (the public) should give them some space and time."

Hong Kong media have also confirmed that the actress at home has not left her house in days. According to reports, Jacqueline “looks tired and often paces around her home”.

She was also spotted with her head down on the dining table, and seemed to be crying. There has been a clear division in public sentiment after these reports emerged, with some worrying about her mental health, while others stated that what she is going through is the consequence of her actions.

Photos: PBE Media

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