About seven months ago, Hongkong pop diva Coco Lee penned a Weibo post about “mending a broken spirit”, giving rise to rampant speculation that her marriage to Canadian billionaire Bruce Rockowitz was on the rocks.

Well, it looks like they’ve mended their relationship (that is, if the rumours were true), or Coco was really just being emo about something else while she and her husband were on good terms all along.

On Saturday (Feb 27), the 46-year-old effectively put a stop to all the divorce talk when she posted a very happy-looking photo of herself with Bruce and his daughters from a previous marriage, Rachel and Sarah. Not exactly something you’d expect from someone going through a rough patch in their marriage.

The family had reunited for dinner at a posh teppanyaki restaurant in Hongkong, and Coco took the opportunity to wish her followers a Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day (aka the Lantern Festival, or the 15th and last day of Chinese New Year).

Rachel also shared a picture of the four of them on her Instagram with the caption “Teppanyaki team” and a heart emoji. When someone commented that they were happy to see Coco back with them, Rachel excitedly replied “Finally!!!” with more heart emojis, which shows just how well Coco gets along with her stepdaughters.