Christy Chung, Shawn Zhang’s latest fight concerns netizens

Is there trouble in paradise for this married pair?

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Canadian-born actress Christy Chung and Chinese actor Shawn Zhang (previously known as Golden Zhang) tied the knot in 2016, and were assumed to be living a blissful wedded life after that.

However, since they started appearing as guests on reality programme My Dearest Ladies, viewers noted that the couple fights often, which they have seen as a sign that their marriage is breaking down.

In the first episode, which was aired in May, Shawn blew up at Christy and called her lazy after he asked her to block the cameras as he prepared to take a shower. She proceeded to use paper to cover the equipment and started preparing breakfast for them. However, Shawn was unsatisfied with what she did and questioned why she didn’t remove the cameras instead of merely blocking them.

This fight caused Shawn’s mother to have to apologise to and soothe Christy after the actress looked visibly upset.

However, in a preview for a new episode, the couple seemed to have a fight that was even more serious than all the others they have had on the show.

In the clip, Christy shouted, “You’re doing it again!” to which Shawn responded with, “You’re sick in the head!” and looked like he was about to pick something up and throw it.

The preview then cut to another scene, where Christy yelled, “Ask the director to come, please!” and Shawn responded with “Who’s afraid of who?” This made Christy break down in tears and declare that she no longer wanted to go on with the filming.

In another scene, Shawn was seen storming off, muttering, “It’s like she’s insane. Can we film or not? If we can’t, then forget it!” The last scene of Christy screaming, “I can’t take this anymore!” particularly concerned netizens.

This caused a debate online, as netizens wondered if the pair’s relationship has soured in recent years. On the other hand, others brought up the possibility that the actors were doing it in order to bring in ratings for the programme.

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