Christy Chung's mother-in-law pinpoints actress' age as her only bad trait

Christy is 12 years older than her husband


In 2016, Canadian-born actress Christy Chung tied the knot with Chinese actor Shawn Zhang, who is 12 years younger than her. Since then, the couple has regularly posted updates on their married life on social media. Christy, who is close to her parents-in-law, has also gone on overseas trips with them, including one where they embarked on an oil cleanse.

Recently, the couple appeared on the Chinese reality show, My Dearest Ladies. The show documents the relationship between a couple and the husband’s mother as they go on an overseas trip together. 

On one episode, Christy asked Shawn, “If your mother and I fell into the sea together, who would you save?” Shawn answered, “You're so good at swimming that I think you'll be able to save my mother on your own.” Christy agreed with a laugh.

At that point, Shawn’s mother showed her approval, saying, “My daughter-in-law has no bad traits other than being older than Shawn. She'd be perfect if she were a few years younger."


Though the comment was meant to be praise for Christy, a number of netizens took offence to the statement, igniting a debate online.

“If Christy were a little younger, she wouldn’t marry your son,” a netizen commented in anger, while another shared that the statement felt “a little uncomfortable”.

Some also shared that the issue was likely to be water under the bridge for the couple, with a netizen commenting, “If this was truly an issue for Shawn’s mother, she wouldn’t be saying it out loud on television.”

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