Christy Chung’s daughter mesmerises in recent selfie

The 20-year-old frequently shares photos and daily vlogs over social media


Looks like Canadian-born actress Christy Chung’s eldest daughter, Yasmine, is following in mummy’s footsteps.

The 20-year-old from Christy’s first marriage to British businessman Glen Ross, is gaining popularity for her good looks and has amassed quite a following on Weibo.

On May 5, Yasmine, who frequently shares photographs and vlogs about her daily life as a university student in Vancouver, Canada, uploaded a selfie which showed her dressed in an electric blue dress with a plunging neckline. The photo quickly caught the attention of netizens, who left comments complimenting her on her good looks.

Yasmine has been living in Canada since August last year, and Christy, who tied the knot with Chinese actor Golden Zhang in 2016, expressed her feelings of longing for her daughter on her profile. “Gorgeous my little princess! (sic) Missing you so much,” she wrote.


Golden, on the hand, wrote, “Life gets more and more exciting,” and was praised by netizens to be a caring stepfather who looks out for his three daughters.

Christy and Golden’s nuptials were not looked upon favourably when they first announced their marriage, as Christy, 47, is twelve years older than Golden. Despite so, the actor has always maintained that age is not an issue.

Last November, the actress changed the surname of her three daughters, Yasmine, Jaden and Cayla, to ‘Zhang’ to follow Golden’s surname, as she felt that Golden was a very good father figure to them.

Photos: PBE Media

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