Christy Chung explains why she wants to have another child

The 48-year-old would be considered to be having a high-risk pregnancy should her wish come true


Canadian-born actress Christy Chung, who tied the knot with her Chinese actor husband, Shawn Zhang in 2016, has never been shy about her wish to have a child with Shawn, who is 12 years her junior.

In her bid to get pregnant, the 48-year-old has gone for IVF treatments and altering her diet so as to prepare her body for pregnancy. However, despite Christy’s efforts, when rumours that Christy was pregnant started emerging earlier this year, the couple swiftly debunked them.

Christy and Shawn, who are currently appearing on the reality show, My Dearest Ladies together, discussed their bid to start a family of their own in a recent episode. 

On the show, Christy declared her love for Shawn, saying, “We’ll grow old together and visit many places together. I’m willing to stay by your side to support and love you.”

Christy, who has three daughters from her previous two marriages, also spoke to Shawn’s mother, who was also present. Sharing her desire to have a fourth child, she said, “I hope that I can become a better daughter-in-law. Out of ten, I feel that I’m a nine now. In order to achieve that last mark, I hope to be able to give you a healthy grandson.”


Upon hearing her words, Shawn’s mother couldn’t help but to smile, while Shawn, who was by her side, started tearing up.

In a separate interview, Christy added, “I really hope to be able to see Shawn as a father. My husband is happy as long as his mother is happy too. It’ll be even more exciting if fate allows us to have two children!"

Shawn added, “She really wants to have a child with me, as she feels that it’ll be a turning point for me. I  have a good relationship with her daughters so I don’t feel lonely. I don't feel like I’m missing out on anything.”  Shawn is known to have a good relationship with his step-daughters, who have since taken on his surname.

Christy also addressed concerns that she was “foolish” for desiring to have another child at her age, as it will be considered a high-risk pregnancy. She also refuted speculation that she was pressured by her mother-in-law into wanting another child.

“How am I foolish? What’s most important in life is to love and be loved. Love has given me a lot of strength and motivation. It may be because netizens are too rational," she mused. 

Christy continued, "They don’t understand that I really like kids. I exercise every single day and lead a healthy lifestyle. Having another child won't be too hard on me. I hope that everyone will not be too worried for me just because of my age,” she said.

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