Christopher Lee Got Grossed Out Playing Fann Wong's Onscreen Lover

Is that why they've not starred opposite each other in a Ch 8 drama for 14 years?

It’s been 14 years since Christopher Lee and Fann Wong have acted together in a local drama. And the wait is going to be over soon for their fans who have been pining to see the couple romance each other on local TV again. Fann and Chris will be starring opposite each other in new Ch 8 drama Doppelganger, which is set to air on Ch 8 in March 2018. Christopher plays a philandering man who often cheats on his wife, who is played by Fann.  In the drama, Chris gets to romance the likes of Rebecca Lim and Taiwanese model-actress Kelly Liao. 

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Ready, set, action! The cast of new Ch 8 drama Doppelganger, (L to R) Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, Xubin, Jasmine Sim and Kelly Liao, gather for a press conference at W Hotel at Sentosa Cove this morning. 

 “I don’t have to ask Fann for permission when I have intimate or kissing scenes with other actresses 'cos she trusts me," says Chris, 46.  "It’s just for show anyway.”

Fann, also 46, tells us in a separate interview: “I’m very zen. Whenever he informs me that his role requires such scenes, I have no reaction at all (laughs). I just look at him calmly and tell him: ‘Go ahead and do it’.” She adds: “Instead, he’s the one who’s always complaining that I don’t seem to mind or get jealous at all!”

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8 DAYS: The last time you guys acted on a Ch 8 drama together was 14 years ago on Always On My Mind
CHRISTOPHER LEE: When we first got married, I found it gross for us to play lovers on screen as I didn’t want to showcase my private life in public, so we consciously declined such roles. However, in the last three to four years, after Fann gave birth, I’ve been asking her to act in the same show as me (laughs). I feel that she has matured a lot and become more womanly and motherly. I think it’d be nice for us to play a couple again and see what kind of chemistry we have now. However, we made this decision separately, and didn’t influence each other at all. In the end, it was still the role, script and team that attracted me to take this on.
FANN WONG: Before we got married, we’ve played lovers on screen so many times. So after our marriage, we decided to stay away from acting in the same shows so that the viewers won’t get sick of seeing us (chuckles). I almost forgot how much chemistry we have together! It’s quite amazing how well we understand each other, and we’re able to agree on things even without verbalising our thoughts. Now that we’re playing lovers again after I’ve become a mum, I think the audience can look forward to seeing new sparks between us on screen. 

Filming has started about two weeks ago. How has it been like on set?
CHRISTOPHER: It can be quite challenging ‘cos we keep breaking into laughter while filming. Fann and I are too close and she'd always laugh whenever we are doing serious scenes.
FANN: It’s nice ‘cos I get to bully him (chuckles). When I’m tired, I’ll just lie on his shoulders and whine a little. I can’t possibly do that to other actors right?

With the two of you busy with filming this drama for the next three months, who’s taking care of your three-year-old son Zed?
CHRISTOPHER: Fann’s mum is looking after him. He tends to be a little clingy towards Fann so sometimes when Fann leaves for work earlier than I do, he’d say things like: “Let’s go look for mama”. But he’s a really good boy, he doesn’t cry nor whine. He’ll just keep quiet and look a little sad in a corner on his own. Sometimes when I see that, it makes my heart ache a little.
FANN: I think it’s definitely better than filming overseas ‘cos I still get to see and smell Zedzed before I set off for work. I feel assured too with my mum taking care of him. Sometimes when I know he’s looking for me, I’d quickly leave the house while he’s bathing so that I don’t feel that bad!

Does this mean that we’ll get to see more of the two of you in local dramas?
CHRISTOPHER: (Laughs) I have some projects in China and Taiwan that are in the talks now but I don’t think I’m going to take on anymore shows this year after filming for this drama wraps in October. Zed is at that stage now where he knows and remembers things, and it’s important for us to spend a lot of time with him. I don’t want to let this precious time slip us by.
FANN: I love filming in Singapore ‘cos I get to spend a lot more time with my son. However, I’m not like Christopher, who’s been taking on consecutive projects. I have nothing in the pipeline after this drama. As for future projects, it all depends on the script. Zedzed remains my priority (smiles).

Doppelganger debuts on Mar 13, 9pm on Ch 8. 


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