Louis Koo and Christine Kuo attended a charity exhibition held by French beauty brand Guerlain in Hong Kong on May 20.

As President of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Louis often brings new actors and singers out for a meal so that he can hear about their concerns and help them however he can. “My friends say I should take care of myself more, but I really love my job,” he said. “I hope that after I retire when I’m older, I will be able to take a proper break and go travelling with my family.”

Christine’s husband, professional racer William Lok, recently marked “520 Day” by dedicating a post to her on Instagram, with a caption that contained a string of numbers declaring his love for her. “He likes to show his affection this way,” she explained. “I also told him that I love him because I’ve been sick and taking antibiotics for about a month now, and he was always there by my side taking care of me, but I passed my sickness to him!”

When asked how she’s been taking care of her husband in return, Christine shared that aside from planning to cook a warm meal for him that night, she also wrote a letter to him and covered it with the scent of her perfume.

Photos: TPG