Christine Fan rushed to hospital after bad fall

The singer received 15 stitches on her jaw to close up her wound


Fans of Taiwanese singer Christine Fan received a shock last night, when the 43-year-old uploaded pictures of what looked to be a very deep cut on her jaw onto her Instagram account.

According to the actress’s caption, she had sustained the injury after falling down, although she did not disclose more details. Although the injury looked very severe, the singer worked to dispel any worries her fans might have in her caption.

“Thank you to the doctor for giving me 15 stitches. I still have to appear at an event, I hope everyone won't be too frightened (by my appearance)!” she wrote.


Christine has a reputation for being prone to accidents, often falling down and injuring herself. In 2014, the singer fell while going to the toilet at night, resulting in bruises on her face. She also needed five stitches on her forehead as a result of the fall. 

In 2017, she fell down while in her twin sons’ playroom. Luckily, her husband, entertainer Blackie Chen was alert enough to catch her before she fell to the ground, protecting her from further injuries, although her palms remained bruised for a while after that fall.

Photos: PBE Media

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