Christine Fan puts reports of discord with Fish Leong to rest

However, the photo appears to have been removed from Instagram.


Christine Fan found herself in the bad books of fellow singer Fish Leong’s fans last month, after she was accused of “blabbing to the media” about her good friend's divorce even before Fish herself confirmed it.

A month after the issue blew up, Christine seems to have put the incident behind her. Last Friday (Oct 4), the singer took to Instagram and Facebook to post a picture with Fish. In the picture, Fish can be seen hugging Christine, with wide smiles on both their faces. With the caption, “Forever forever forever (sic)”, the picture seemed to be an affirmation of their friendship.

However, the photo appears to have been mysteriously removed from Instagram, with only a group picture of Christine, Fish, and several other friends remaining on the feed. On the other hand, the photo of the duo is still on Facebook.

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In the days after Fish announced that she had indeed filed for divorce from her husband, news reports speculating that Fish had fallen out with Christine over her comments to the media were published. 

Christine also found her social media pages flooded with comments lambasting her for her loose-lipped ways. The 43-year-old had attempted to defend herself with a post on Weibo, writing, “I've never been a blabbermouth! Protect! I’ll… always protect you, look over you, be with you, love you!” However, the post, which was believed to be referring to Fish’s divorce, was quickly flooded with negative comments, and Christine deleted the post soon after.

The backlash got to a point where Fish herself took to her Instagram to defend Christine. Host Dee Hsu, who is friends with Christine, shared her displeasure at the reports branding Christine a “bad friend”, claiming that the singer had been unjustly blamed.

Dee also went on to share that Christine had been greatly affected by the bad press, becoming paranoid with what she shares online as a result.

Photos: PBE Media, Instagram/Christine Fan

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