These days, looking picture perfect is just a pretty filter and Photoshop tweak away. Most — or do we dare say, all — celebs who post shots of themselves do it, though some have gotten called out for going overboard with their editing or simply doing a bad job at it.

The latest star to be ridiculed for a botched digital touch-up is Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, who posted two makeup-free selfies on an exercise bike at home last weekend.

“Turn your troubles into treasures,” she wrote in the caption. “Actually, I’ve never been called ‘Fan Fatty’ before in my life. To be honest, I’m quite fond of this nickname, but everybody has motivated me to go back to my pre-pandemic habit of spending an hour on the exercise bike every day while catching up on dramas.”

The 44-year-old was probably referring to the time she posted a clip which had netizens saying that she looked “rounder” than usual after gaining 3kg (a common side effect during this season of staying home). However, what got netizens talking this time were the telltale signs of virtual slimming, namely, the visibly distorted background.

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