Christine Fan attended an event in Taipei on May 21 to promote an upcoming Zumba charity activity, where she admitted that she isn’t exactly the best dancer around.

“But since Zumba is a dance that involves a lot of rhythm, it’s still suitable for me,” she said. “I won’t be able to do sexy dance moves at all!”

The singer then shared an amusing anecdote about her husband Blackie Chen’s wardrobe. “He has so many pairs of shoes - at least a hundred! - and his closet is in a huge mess,” she said. “But once, I came home after having a concert in Guangzhou to discover that everything had been tidied up.”

Christine also recalled seeing a bracelet on the table. “My first reaction was, ‘Oh my god. My husband isn’t having an affair, is he?’” she laughed. “I thought it was a very manly thing of him to do, but not three days later, the closet was in a mess again!”

She then exposed Blackie’s vain habit of walking around the house topless. “He’s quite narcissistic and he loves showing off his body,” she said. When asked what her typical reaction to this is, Christine rather unexpected answer was, “I roll my eyes and walk away.”

Photos: TPG

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