Sooo… guess who’s getting criticised on social media. Again. Although to be fair, the comments are a lot tamer and more constructive compared to the merciless hate fests we’ve seen in the past.

On Wednesday (Aug 19), Taiwanese singer Christine Fan Instagrammed a picture of herself in a recording studio, along with a lengthy and rather philosophical caption about singing.

“Singing can’t make you rich, but it can let you live a wonderful life. Singing can’t dress you up in designer brands, but it can make you younger than your peers. Singing can’t let you have bird’s nest and shark’s fin every day, but it can keep you away from diseases,” reads the first few lines.

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1.唱歌不能讓你大富大貴,但可以讓你活得精彩。 2.唱歌不能讓你一身名牌,但可以讓你比同齡人更年輕。 3.唱歌不能讓你天天燕窩魚翅,但可以讓你遠離疾病。 4.唱歌不能讓你沒有煩惱,但可以讓你簡單幸福。 5.唱歌不一定能成就你的將來,但卻能讓你享受現在。 6.唱好歌不僅要有興趣,還要有堅持。 7,唱歌不能讓你萬壽無彊,但確實讓你長壽,為了長壽堅持歌唱吧。 8,唱歌不能讓你返老還童,但卻能讓你駐顏有術,因為一個會運用、會控制氣息的人,不僅心肺,也不僅胃腸,你的大腦、小腦,左腦、右腦,都將會得到氣流地推動、按摩,都將會在氧氣的滋養下, 比不唱歌的朋友,多一些新鮮的細胞。多氧的環境,一定可以促進細胞的再生能力。 ——給摯愛唱歌愛健康的人。

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A few hours later, one well-meaning follower left a comment urging Christine to be careful with her words (‘cos we all know just how much trouble they have gotten her into in the past).

“I like you, but sometimes you really need to consider what you’re saying,” the fan wrote. “You say singing can’t make you rich and can’t put you in designer brands, but I would like to ask, your current comfortable lifestyle and [your husband] Blackie Chen’s increasing influence are all only possible thanks to your occupation as a singer. If you were a hard-working supermarket employee, could you have all these?”

The netizen then reminded her about all the flashy cars that Blackie has flaunted on his socials in the past — he also reportedly makes at least S$4mil a year — and once again told her to be careful when she speaks. “Your words have already caused you so much harm, you should learn your lesson. You are a public figure so you should be careful or else you will get attacked again.”