Christine Fan bursts into tears after meeting her babies

The new mummy finally met her twin baby boys after giving birth on Jan 15

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New mummy Christine Fan finally met her twin baby boys “Big and Small Panda” yesterday, after giving birth via Cesarean section on Jan 15.

As the babies were delivered prematurely, they had to stay in the incubator while Christine recuperated in the hospital ward. In the meantime, the singer could only get updates on her sons via photos taken by her husband Blackie Chen.

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Yesterday afternoon, Blackie uploaded a heartwarming video of Christine visiting the babies for the first time. Overwhelmed by emotions, the loving mum burst out crying as Blackie gently reminded her not to let her tears come into contact with their sons’ tender skin.

Blackie wrote: “Fan Fan (affectionate nickname for Christine) has finally seen the kids. It was a really touching scene. It’s been a tough journey. Mummy is so noble!”

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