Chris Wu (also known as Wu Kang Ren) attended a press conference for the 6th Taiwan International Queer Film Festival in Taipei yesterday (Aug 15), where he shared more about his preparations for his new drama.

Although he refrained from revealing too many details about the show, the 36-year-old actor said that he needs to lose weight for the role - but he can’t do it by exercising.

Explaining that his character is someone who is thin as a result of starvation, Chris said that in order to look as convincing as possible, he will try to drop to his goal weight of 65 kg by going hungry himself. Besides that, the part also requires him to have very tan skin.

“The next few weeks will be particularly tough for me, because I have to starve myself and memorise my script,” he said. “I rarely need to read a script over and over again, but I’ve been doing it so many times for this project that the paper has become wrinkled!”

That said, Chris welcomes the challenge. “I believe my character is symbolic and also someone whom Taiwanese people can empathise with,” he said.

Photos: TPG