Last month, Chris Wu (also known as Wu Kang Ren) announced that he will be undergoing a drastic change in appearance to prepare for a drama role, and it looks like his efforts have paid off.

The Taiwanese actor attended a food delivery service’s event in Taipei yesterday (Sep 10) and was virtually unrecognisable from his former self with deeply tanned skin, a shaved head, and a much thinner frame weighing just 64 kg (1 kg lighter than his original weight loss goal).

With a laugh, the 36-year-old reported that he once gave his poor neighbour a shock when she first saw his new look. What’s more, as he was simply going up to the roof of his apartment to suntan, he was dressed casually and did not shave. “I looked like a vagrant!” he laughed. “My neighbour said to me, ‘How can you look so different from before? How did you become like this!?’”

When asked how he managed to lose 8 kg in half a month, Chris revealed that he achieved it with a combination of exercise and a diet of boiled vegetables. He also shared that he has to maintain this look of his until mid-November. “I really love fried chicken, and I cannot wait until filming wraps so I can have a big meal!”

Photos: TPG

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