In yet another example of home relocation plans gone awry, no thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, Taiwanese actor Chris Wang and his family are now living in a camper van after he sold their house to go on a cruise that obviously had to be cancelled (remember the Diamond Princess?).

This is far from the first time the 37-year-old has made such adventurous plans: In 2016, he took a break from showbiz to travel the world with his pregnant wife and daughter; in 2018, he was part of Taiwan’s first team to reach the South Pole by cross-country skiing; and in November last year, he joined an expedition to Antarctica.

Yesterday (Apr 20), Chris updated his Facebook page to provide an update on his recent situation. He wrote that because of the pandemic, he and his family will be doing the right thing by staying home, only that their “home” is “no longer made of steel and concrete, but the sky and earth”.

In other words: “We no longer have a house to live in now.”

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