Chow Yun Fat returns to work mere hours after receiving five stitches

The actor suffered a gash on his forehead during a fight scene


Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat, who’s currently filming for the movie Sunny Days, was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after a filming accident.

The 63-year-old was filming a fight scene alongside his co-star, Hong Kong actor Kenny Wong, when he suffered a cut on his forehead. However, Yun Fat did not ask for the scene to be stopped. Instead, he continued on with the scene, acting out his lines. It was only after the director yelled "cut" and when Yun Fat walked over to a corner with a hand on his forehead that the crew realised that the actor had been injured.

As the cut on his forehead was relatively deep and would not stop bleeding, the crew was understandably worried about Yun Fat’s condition. Yun Fat’s wife and manager Jasmine Tan, who was preparing lunch outside the filming location, immediately rushed over to check on him once she received the news. 


However, instead of Jasmine reassuring the actor and checking up on him, it was Yun Fat who comforted his wife instead, asking for a crew member to part his hair so that she could see his wound better.

The actor later heeded the advice of the director and crew members, and headed over to the hospital for a thorough check-up, as the wound was pretty deep. After the doctors examined his injury, Yun Fat received five stitches on his forehead to close up the wound. He will need to return to the hospital daily to clean his wound until the stitches are taken out.

In a phone interview yesterday (March 7), Jasmine shared more about her husband's injury. 

“I was so afraid because Fat ge’s wound kept bleeding. But, the both of us pretended that we were calm as we did not wish to alarm everyone else, especially Kenny. Later, I also reassured him (Kenny), telling him that Fat ge was fine,” she said.

It was also reported that after spending two hours in the hospital for his check-up and the subsequent stitches, Yun Fat returned to the filming site, where he had a late lunch. Following that, he returned to work once again, filming the rest of his scenes for the day.

Photos: PBE Media


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