Chow Yun Fat talks about the pain of losing his daughter in 1991

The veteran actor shares how he helped his wife Jasmine Tan get over the grief of losing their child 27 years ago

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Chow Yun Fat is known for being a loving husband and a charitable man who leads a grounded lifestyle. Prior to his rise as Hong Kong’s bona fide leading man in the 90s, the actor had done a variety of characters and films that span from big-budget blockbusters to box office flops.

In a recent interview to share about his new film Project Gutenberg, the veteran actor opened up about his nickname as a “box office bomb” during his early days. The 63-year-old admitted that his early films tanked horribly and said that out of all his acting projects, at least 90 percent of it consisted of B-grade movies and that he had done only a “handful” of good shows.

That said, the Hong Kong actor believes that every movie has a life of its own. He added that “good acting” is not a good barometer of how popular it would be with cinemagoers, and sometimes viewers like a film even if the “acting is horrible”.

As an actor, Yun Fat added that he has done his part, “A horrible movie is hard to bring to life and it’s equally tough to act poorly [in it].”

The twice-married actor also opened up about his love life and admitted that he was a womaniser who had fallen in love many times in his movies. “Although it’s all reel-life, the emotions invested are real,” he added.

That probably explains why he has such a good relationship with Hong Kong actress Carol Cheng, as she is the actress he has worked with the most throughout his career. Yun Fat also likened their relationship to that of friends and called the actress his girlfriend and “wife”, but maintained that the two women he loves the most are his mother and his Singaporean wife Jasmine Tan.

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He added that it took him and his wife a long time to walk out of the pain of losing their daughter, who was delivered stillborn at nine months after being strangled by the umbilical cord, in 1991. He got over his grief quickly because he knows that “no one benefits if both parties are grief stricken”. But things weren’t the same for his wife, who took seven years to get over her sadness.

During this period of time, he had to constantly encourage her to exercise and go hiking to move on with life. “What’s important is character, I’m particularly optimistic and nothing fazes me,” he quipped.

After losing their daughter, Yun Fat said that he and Jasmine decided that they don’t want any more kids and have devoted their lives to helping others in need.

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