Chow Yun Fat praised for filial piety

The actor was revealed to spend as much time with his 97-year-old mother as he can

chow yun fat

Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat is well-known for his down-to-earth personality – despite his popularity, he often takes public transport and remains friendly with both the public and the media.

More recently, he was revealed to be a filial son as he spends as much time with his 97-year-old mother as he can on his off days, with their haunt of choice being dim sum restaurants around Hong Kong. The 63-year-old was further revealed to personally help his mother to get on and off her wheelchair, ensuring that she is safely sitting on it before he wheels her to the restaurant.

Reports shared that Yun Fat makes it a point to try to spend time with his mother every week, and that he insisted on the wheelchair because his mother has now gotten on in her years. However, his mother is said to be still be in good health despite being three years shy of becoming a centenarian.

Others have shared that the actor has always remained amiable during his frequent outings, and acts like he’s just one of the many in the crowd.

He is also reported to be friendly with those who recognise him during his outings, and will nod and smile towards those who greet him as well.

Yun Fat also exhibits such behaviour overseas, as he has been spotted doing ‘commoner’ things on a number of occasions when he was overseas, most recently when he was in Taipei to promote the release of his movie, Project Gutenberg.

Photo: PBE Media

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