Not too long ago, a former Cathay Pacific flight attendant known as “Ah Sa” spilled the tea on the 10 nicest Hongkong celebrity passengers she and her colleagues have encountered, as well as 10 of the worst. Unsurprisingly, Chow Yun Fat made it into the Top Five of the ‘nice’ list, a ranking that was further supported by two more heart-warming anecdotes from Ah Sa about the cinema legend.

As the story goes, Fat Gor was on a flight back to Hongkong from Los Angeles when he ordered noodles for breakfast. According to Ah Sa, a Cathay Pacific first class cabin offers a wide variety of food options on long-haul trips, including wonton noodles, roast duck noodles, claypot rice, and more, so he was undoubtedly spoilt for choice.

Eager to do her best for the superstar, the air stewardess got to work putting together an elaborate meal, only for Fat Gor to stop her when he passed by the kitchen on his way to the toilet. Waving his hand and shaking his head, he said, “Just get me noodles from economy class. There’s no need to trouble yourself. Something simple will do!”

Despite the rather unorthodox request, the stewardess did as she was told and brought two bowls of instant noodles to Fat Gor, who happily slurped up the humble dish. Looks like he and Louis Koo — who topped that ‘nice’ list, by the way — can be good friends and travel buddies.