Chow Yun Fat makes first appearance after injury

The actor went on a hike over the weekend


Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat received a gash on his forehead whilst filming a fight scene for the movie, Sunny Days last week.

Even though he was in the middle of a take when he first received the injury, Yun Fat powered on, and completed the entire scene even though the cut was bleeding. 

After the director yelled cut, the staff realised that the actor was injured and rushed to treat his wound. As the bleeding would not stop despite their best efforts, the actor headed to the hospital with his wife, Jasmine Tan, to get the wound checked out. He later received five stitches on his forehead to close the wound. After his hospital visit, he immediately returned to the filming site, where he resumed filming after a late lunch.

Over the weekend, a netizen uploaded a selfie with the actor. In her caption, she shared that she was hiking up Tai Mo Shan in Hong Kong when she met the actor.

Fat gor (as Yun Fat is affectionately known as) said that he’s fine, and that he’s since resumed work. He asked everyone to not worry about him,” she added. Yun Fat has always been an avid hiker,  and even poked fun at reporters who could not keep up with him during one of his previous hikes. 


Photos: PBE Media

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