Taiwanese folks got to witness Chow Yun Fat doing commoner things like travelling around via the Metro and going hiking at Yangmingshan National Park in the flesh over the weekend. The Hong Kong actor was in Taipei with his Singaporean wife, Jasmine Tan, to promote his latest flick, Project Gutenberg, which Aaron Kwok co-stars in.

Prior to the movie’s promo tour in Taipei, the veteran actor was originally scheduled to visit Singapore on Thursday last week to plug the movie too, but the tour was cancelled at the very last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lucky for the folks in Taipei, his tour went on as per scheduled.

On Sunday morning, he went for a morning run in Da’an Forest Park and in the afternoon he rode the local subway with his wife to get to his press conference venue, stopping to take selfies with fellow commuters and fans along the way.

He was also full of smiles and readily greeted fans when he arrived at Vie Show Cinemas for the gala premiere on Sunday night. Members of the public who had personal and up-close encounters with the 63-year-old hailed him a humble and “down-to-earth” man who had no airs despite his superstar status.

During a sharing session, he also talked about his experiences working on this project, which had plenty of gunfight and huge explosive scenes. Despite the demanding conditions, Fat-gor cheekily quipped that it was ‘no sweat’ for him as he was “still young.”

“I’m 63 but if you flipped the numbers of my age around, I’m 36 years old,” he joked.

This morning (Oct 8), after wrapping up his promo activities for Project Guterberg, he was sighted going for jog with his co-workers from the movie at Yangmingshan National Park.

Dressed in a bright fluorescent yellow windbreaker, the persistent drizzle did little to rain on his parade. Fat-gor was just as endearing when he greeted fellow joggers and took selfies, as he usually would, with a handful of lucky onlookers who were also at the park.

Project Gutenberg (PG13) is now showing at all cinemas.

Photos: PBE Media

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