Chow Yun Fat is considering retiring from showbiz to become a hiking instructor

He wants to bring his love for the great outdoors to new levels.


Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat’s love for the great outdoors is no secret. He is an avid hiker and has also poked fun at Taiwanese reporters who couldn’t keep up with him during his jog at Yangmingshan National Park last year.

Despite cutting down on his work load in the past year, the 64-year-old has continued to remain friendly to both the media and reporters. He was spotted at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital on December 22, where he was visiting his 98-year-old mother. He let on that he was there to accompany her for her health checkups and also spend the Winter Solstice festival with her.

When reporters asked him about his plans to return to work, he chuckled that he is unsure about when he will be taking on his next acting project. The actor revealed that he has been jogging and hiking a lot in his free time, and that his health has also improved.

He remarked that he enjoys hiking so much that he is considering retiring from showbiz to become a hiking instructor. Yun Fat let on that he has even been finding out about the certification requirements to become one. “I hope that I can pass the test and teach people how to hike too,” he smiled. “We can all become healthier together.”

Photos: PBE Media

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